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Turn Our Expertise In Russia Into Your Advantage Over Your Competitors

Complex transportation within Russia, rigorous, frequently amended customs laws and heavy bureaucracy often discourage companies from establishing strong trading ties with Russia.

The Israel Foreign Trade Administration (of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor) conducted an extensive survey of hundreds of companies in Israel regarding export from Israel to Russia. The findings showed that Israeli export to Russia is not expanding as it should, due to difficulties in finding a business partner (a marketing obstacle), high customs duty, Russian bureaucracy and additional internal financial costs (such as taxes and tolls). According to reports from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, even though the Russian economy has had an annual growth of 6%-7% since the collapse of the USSR, and despite great interest shown by Russian companies in Israeli products, Israel has not achieved its full potential in export to Russia, because of these obstacles.

The only way to overcome these difficulties is to use the services of a local and reliable company who is extremely familiar with the local business mentality and bureaucracy in Russia, and is an expert in customs and logistics services within Russia.

As there are few reliable solutions at present, most companies exporting to Russia choose either Incoterms Group F for shipping their goods (i.e. Main Carriage Unpaid, where the seller delivers the goods to the port of origin and the buyers then has to handle the transportation and bear the risks and insurance from there) or Incoterms Group C (i.e. Main Carriage Paid, where the seller handles the transportation and insurance up to the port of destination, and the risk is then transferred to the buyer upon leaving the port of destination), hardly ever shipping in DDP terms (door delivery, including customs clearance).

In cases where Russian importers prefer to import goods in DDP terms, there is a good chance they won't close a deal with exporters who can only offer Group F or C shipments, but will prefer to work with competitors who are capable of providing DDP shipments.

Alpine Shipping can therefore significantly improve the chances of an exporter penetrating the Russian market, as it is the Israeli branch of a highly professional and extremely dependable company that specializes in customs and logistics services within Russia, and is very familiar with the local business mentality and bureaucracy.

Our Freight Forwarding services to Russia offer companies new opportunities for foreign trade with Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

As part of our expertise in transportation, logistics and customs in Russia, Alpine Shipping represents two leading, well-known European companies in Israel: Raisin GmbH, Germany, and LARR Logistics, Latvia. Both companies have years of experience in the Russian market and have great understanding of the local business mentality and bureaucracy. The company also works in cooperation with Russian companies that specialize in clearing goods from customs, which
is why Alpine Shipping offers its clients customs clearance services in Russia, while being committed to fixed, pre-defined customs fees, and also offers services for transporting the cleared goods to the importer in Russia, even to the most remote areas.

By means of the German forwarding company Raisin GmbH, we provide extremely reliable inland transportation solutions, via regularly used transportation routes since 1991 between Central Europe, Russia and neighboring countries. These transportation routes are frequently used by many of our European clients who wish to transport goods to Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States. Germany is Russia's main import source, therefore using the services of a leading German company ensures experience and professionalism of the highest standards.

The company's range of services for this particular region includes:

  • Freight forwarding from anywhere in the world to Russia and the CIS – by sea freight and airfreight.
  • Inland transportation from Europe to Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States and vice-versa.
  • Inland transportation throughout Russia – by truck or train.
  • Customs services, customs clearance and import license solutions.
  • Combined freight forwarding and customs clearance services on the Far East – Russia route.
  • Escorting transportation of extremely valuable goods throughout Russia with an armored vehicle (optional).

Door-To-Door Transportation To Russia – We Make It Possible !