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To Central Europe within 24 hours, To Eastern Europe within 48 hours, To Russia and the Baltic States within 72 hours (From Frankfurt Airport)

Courier Services – fast, efficient express shipments to any destination in Europe (including Russia) via Frankfurt Airport, the most central airport in Europe for cargo flights.

Raisin GmbH has special dispatch vehicles for delivering goods to any destination in Europe, including Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States. Alpine Shipping's express courier services are an excellent alternative (and often a cheaper one) to sending small packages or valuable goods by airfreight.

This door-to-door service can also include customs clearance (even in Russia), if the client so requests.
The cargo is transferred from the airport to its final destination in the same vehicle.
The company has designated vehicles for transporting goods up to 15 cubic meters and a maximum weight of 1,000 kg.


  • Financially Worthwhile – Inland express courier services are often cheaper than airfreight. This service is especially worthwhile for volumetric goods.
  • Safer – The service is considered safer than by trailer, and enables transportation of valuable goods.
  • Faster – Delivery time is at least as fast as airfreight, and for some destinations even faster.
  • Saves Time – Fast, designated transportation: Each transport session is carried out exclusively for the client, without consolidating shipments and without delays that are caused by dealing with additional goods or collecting/ delivering goods from/ to additional destinations.
  • Efficient – Once the goods are collected, the same designated vehicle transports them to their final destination. With express courier services to Russia, the vehicle collects the goods from Frankfurt Airport, transports them to the customs terminal in Russia, clears them from customs and continues to transport the cleared goods to their final destination.
  • Flexible – Able to transport cargo up to 180 cm high.
  • Tracking – The goods remain in the same vehicle from the moment they are taken off the plane at Frankfurt Airport until they reach their final destination. This simplifies tracking, as the goods can easily be tracked 24 hours a day.

Time Frame

  • From Frankfurt to Central Europe – within 24 hours
  • From Frankfurt to Eastern Europe – within 48 hours
  • From Frankfurt to Moscow – within 3 days

This service includes insurance, in accordance with the CMR Convention (an international convention for the transportation of goods).
Goods can be insured up to their full value, as per the client’s request.

Alpine Shipping Express Courier Services – Fast and Straight and to the Point!