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Raisin GmbH
Raisin GmbH is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and has been active throughout Europe since the collapse of the USSR in 1991, and the opening of the borders between the east and the west. The company has since gained vast experience and is considered to be one of the leading, most well-known European companies for transporting cargo to Russia and the Baltic States, as well as within Europe. The company employs 70 people and owns a modern fleet of vehicles, which includes dozens of trucks and trailers for collecting and transporting freight on a daily basis from Western Europe to Moscow.

The company is extremely professional and experienced in handling customs declarations and documents and dealing with the customs authorities in Russia and many other countries.

During its 20 years of activity in Russia, Raisin GmbH has established its status as a high quality, reliable inland transportation company. Many Russian companies that deal in clearing goods from customs use Raisin GmbH's services for transporting their clients' cargo from Europe and from many other countries.

Many years of activity in Russia have enabled Raisin GmbH to strengthen its ties with local companies that deal in clearing goods from customs, and to offer its clients custom clearance services from the Russian customs.

The advantages of using the custom clearance services offered by Raisin GmbH include:

  • Flexibility – the company works with a number of companies, and is thereby able to offer its clients the most suitable company for releasing their goods from customs, based on the area of specialization and the price.
  • Competitiveness – the company is able to compare prices, in order to achieve the best price for the client.
  • Professionalism – as different companies specialize in specific types of goods (such as textile, electronics, plastic, etc.).
  • Reliability – 20 years of business relations.

In addition to specializing in transportation within Russia, the company also has strong ties and cooperates with leading inland transportation companies across Europe and acts as a broker for its clients for land transportation. The company takes advantage of its purchasing power and its professional know-how, in order to achieve the most attractive prices for the client.

LARR Logistics
LARR Logistics is based in Riga, Latvia and has been operating since 1995. LARR Logistics is considered one of the leading companies for providing inland transportation services from Europe to Russia. The company owns dozens of trucks and trailers, which operate along safe and reliable transportation routes.
The company supplies these vehicles to Raisin GmbH for transferring goods between Europe and Russia and the CIS.

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