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Alpine Shipping provides a wide variety of services for foreign companies who have business relations with Israel and are interested in a local agent or representative for exporting and importing goods to and from Israel.

The company's range of services in Israel includes:

  • Contacting the shipper with regards to shipment specifications (quantities and weights) and readiness
  • Coordinating the pickup with the shipper
  • Collecting the shipment from the shipper
  • Inland transportation to the port of origin in Israel
  • Handling customs export procedures and declarations
  • Preparing Certificates of Origins (COO) with the Israeli authorities
  • Handling shipping documentation, as requested by the customer
  • Freight forwarding from Israel to the country of destination by air or sea
  • Consolidating or splitting air and sea shipments, if required
  • Inland transportation in the country of destination, with or without custom clearance
  • Freight forwarding solutions for importing to Israel

Alpine Shipping provides door-to-door services from Israel to anywhere in Russia, including highly professional and experienced customs clearance services, as well as reliable inland transportation to the end customer in Russia.
In addition, we provide logistics services at advanced logistics centers and bonded warehouses in Europe.

As the sole representative of Raisin GmbH in Israel, Alpine Shipping provides all services at a European standard – a standard which is applied at all Raisin GmbH branches. We offer you the advantages of this well-known, leading European transportation company's excellent reputation, state-of-the-art equipment and vast know-how and experience.

Alpine Shipping provides comprehensive transportation, customs and logistics solutions – without brokerage fees – for Israeli companies that export to or import from Russia, the CIS, the Baltic States and other European countries.

Outside of Israel, we offer comprehensive transportation and logistics solutions to companies around the globe who have business relations with companies in Israel, Europe, Russia, the Baltic States and the CIS.
We also provide unique inland transportation solutions for companies that deal in international freight forwarding and logistics, but to date have had difficulty finding a reliable option for inland transportation to Russia, the CIS, the Baltic States as well as throughout Europe.

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