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Customs Clearance in Russia
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Customs clearance in Western Europe is a relatively simple procedure. However, many companies have difficulty releasing goods from customs in Russia, as this involves much bureaucracy and requires professional expertise and understanding of the Russian customs procedures, as well as proficiency in complex licensing procedures.

Alpine Shipping is the Israeli branch of a group of European-Russian companies that specialize in dealing with all aspects of Russian customs, including customs clearance.

We provide comprehensive, professional and reliable services for customs clearance in Russia, at a fixed, pre-defined price (customs costs are evaluated and made known to the client in advance, and Alpine Shipping is committed to that price). These services include solutions to problems relating to import licenses, filling in customs documents and issuing forms, dealing with reducing customs payments and more. We also provide customs clearance services in EU countries.

We provide customs clearance services in the following countries:

  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
  • The Baltic States
  • All EU countries (including Eastern Europe)

* Alpine Shipping can only offer customs clearance services in Russia if granted full authorization for transporting the shipment and handling all the necessary customs documentation.

Following customs clearance, we arrange transportation of the goods to their final destination – the importer (in Russia or elsewhere in Europe – thereby providing comprehensive DDP door-to-door services.

Let Us Clear Your Goods From Customs, While You Free Yourself From Uncertainty and Worry