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Direct Shipments Between Countries, Without Going Through Israel

Drop Shipments enable transportation of goods directly from the manufacturer/supplier in one country to customers in another country, without going through the seller's country, thereby saving greatly on transportation expenses.

As part of this service, we take care of all paperwork, ensuring that the end customer receives the paperwork from the seller, and not from the manufacturer/original supplier.

As part of a group of companies in Europe, Russia, China and the Far East, Alpine Shipping has a relative advantage for carrying out drop shipments. This is a significant component of our range of services, and includes transportation (airfreight, sea freight or both), transferring paperwork, comprehensive and unique logistics solutions and full tracking, from the time the order is placed until delivery to the final destination.

Payment for this service can be made by the supplier, the buyer or the seller.


  • Reduces transportation, logistics and customs costs, as the goods are not shipped via the seller's country
  • Reduces lead time
  • Eliminates the risk that the identity of the supplier/manufacturer will be discovered by the buyer
  • Allows you more time and resources for focusing on the product and marketing, instead of dealing with logistics
  • Additional services, such as storage, packing, sorting and preparing/transferring paperwork
  • Comprehensive logistics solutions, managed and carried out by one door-to-door company
  • Import and export customs brokerage and clearance in many countries – the EU, Russia, the CIS and China

These services are provided in the following zones:

  • Within Europe – Eastern and Western
  • Between Europe and Russia and the CIS
  • Between China/ the Far East and Russia and the CIS
  • Between China / the Far East and Europe
  • Between Israel and Europe, Russia and the CIS

Drop Shipments Are Your Way To Efficiently Reduce Transportation And Logistics Costs