About Alpine Shipping

Alpine Shipping – Transportation, Logistics and Customs in Russia, the CIS, Europe and Israel

Alpine Shipping provides comprehensive solutions for international freight forwarding, transportation and logistics worldwide, with a unique specialty in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the Baltic States, Europe and Israel.
The company provides professional door-to-door services between and within these countries.

All services are provided in Hebrew, English and Russian, so that you do not have to conduct the process in a foreign language.

Alpine Shipping provides a wide variety of services for both foreign companies that have business relations with Israel, and are interested in a local agent or representative. We are happy to provide comprehensive services regarding the export and import of goods to and from Israel, including:

  • Contacting the shipper with regards to shipment specifications (quantities and weights) and readiness
  • Coordinating the pickup with the shipper
  • Collecting the shipment from the shipper
  • Inland transportation to the port of origin in Israel
  • Handling customs export procedures and declarations
  • Preparing Certificates of Origins (COO) with the Israeli authorities
  • Handling shipping documentation, as requested by the customer
  • Freight forwarding from Israel to the country of destination by air or sea
  • Consolidating or splitting air and sea shipments, if required
  • Inland transportation in the country of destination, with or without custom clearance
  • Freight forwarding solutions for importing to Israel

The Israeli branch was established in 2008, following an increasing demand for top quality and highly reliable inland transportation and logistics services in Israel, throughout Europe, and in Russia in particular. This growing demand is a direct result of the strengthening of trade ties and business relations between Israel and Russia, and the ongoing increase in foreign trade between Israel and Russia over the last decade.

Europe, Russia & CIS
Alpine Shipping is the sole representative in Israel of the German company Raisin GmbH and the Latvian company LARR Logistics, as well as a number of local Russian companiesA group of international companies that provides full-service forwarding and logistics solutions throughout all of Europe, including Russia and its neighboring countries.

By taking advantage of Raisin GmbH and LARR Logistics' vast experience, excellent geographical deployment, highly professional staff and modern trucks and warehouses, we are able to provide you with a wide variety of services and solutions for international freight forwarding, logistics and customs throughout Russia, the CIS, the Baltic States and Eastern and Western Europe.
Alpine shipping operates according to European standards and strict work regulations that Raisin GmbH has implemented in all of its branches.

By using Alpine Shipping services, you will save on brokerage fees, as the Israeli branch of the international group of companies conducts the entire logistics process itself – In Europe and specifically in Russia.

Our VIP services for customers in countries with different time zones than Israel:
Most Israeli and European freight forwarding companies close their offices around 5 or 6 PM, making it almost impossible for customers in countries with different time zones (such as North and South America, Asia and Australia) to receive prompt service during their work hours. They may sometimes even have to wait up to 12 hours for a response, which then becomes a whole day's delay.

With freight forwarding, the time factor is crucial. Delays in relaying information along the logistics chain can have significant consequences, such as delays in pickup and delivery, changes that aren't made on time, problems with paper work, etc.

As part of our commitment for providing our customers with the best possible service, we are available beyond regular working hours – by email or by phone – in order to promptly respond to the needs of our customers who are located in different time zones from Israel, thereby ensuring that all emergencies are dealt with right away.

Customers overseas can easily contact us without worrying about the time difference between Israel and their location.

Alpine Shipping – With Us You Are Always On The Right Track